Last week my day started kinda blah…but then I looked out the window and saw all the fresh sparkly snow….so I picked up my Contax and went outside. The combination of shooting some film and the crisp, cold air immediately turned my mood around.

The boy’s little fire-truck, waiting for Spring to come.

I decided to take a quick shot of our simple little wreath, and then decided…um, it is February….probably time to take it down!

Then I packed up Marcus for pre-school & Henry and I for a little day trip to Vermont to visit my best friend and her little one in their new home.

Chloe’s stuff always seems cooler than mine. :0)

I’ve been pushing myself to only use my film camera when I’m shooting personal work…..Baby Mirabel was a good subject.

We came home for dinner- and I couldn’t resist lining up my carrots and leeks from the Littleton Cooperative.

While Henry and I were downstairs taking photos of rainbow carrots {or making dinner….} Marcus was upstairs helping Daddy build their new bunk-room.

{all images shot on my Contax 645 with Kodak Porta 400 and 160}

This is a blog circle: please hop on over to my former bride/photographer/sometimes assistant/friend…the lovely Michelle Heath:¬†


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