{all photos in this post taken on my iPhone5…almost all with VSCO app}

Some of you may have noticed, some maybe not, but for 2013 I deleted myself from Facebook- leaving only my Rodeo & Co. business page. I did this in an effort to be more present for my children, husband, and myself. I have not, however, built up the courage to delete my beloved Instagram account. I blame this on the fact that I am a photographer. And often times, I don’t have one of my “real cameras” with me….it’s just not practical- especially when the average temperature here this week was -5 degrees. However, my trusty iPhone5 is usually not far {unless it’s being grasped by baby Hank}…and it allows me to document real moments that matter to my heart. Like the shot above….My Gram needed a happy distraction the other day and we did too {my Uncle Henry was having a heart operations & our dog, Oscar, was having surgery on a tumor on his nose}…I grabbed this shot of my Gram and Marcus preparing for lunch at her house- a special treat for all of us.

Sweet Henry rocking his new reindeer hat and sweater in the afternoon sunshine……

24 hours later- we landed in the Emergency Room when Henry decided to take a nice big chomp out of a glass ornament when I was packing away the tree….He is FINE…I, however, aged approximately 4.7 years in the course of 2 days. Taking this shot helped calm my nerves.

Nate likes me to quickly document home projects…and it’s always fun to look back and see how far we’ve come. Last week, we cleared out the boys bunkroom and ┬áconstruction is underway!

And of course, sometimes, I’m just inspired to document what’s right in front of face- like the grocery cart with produce, a naughty afternoon snack, the church down the street, or the snow covered back roads we travel.

I occasionally use my iPhone when I’m working too- just for fun…and sometimes so people can see things as they unfold…like my bride Allie- who was married on top of a mountain after a short hike – it was freezing, but oh, so very sweet and pretty! {and I was a little winded after the hike with my gear}

On location for an editorial shoot in Vermont on the Maple Syrup process. It was NEGATIVE 15 that day…so cold, yet so beautiful.

A quick iphone snap of Meghan & Teddy’s engagement shoot in Sunapee – shot from the deck of Kristin Burgess of by emily b. fame :0)

My super pretty desk- and pretty flowers from Emily of E.H. Floral…..Nate built me an awesome U shaped desk for my birthday/christmas this year- I’m in heaven when I’m working now.

And, last but not least, Emily grabbed this funny shot of me working my Contax & Henry hanging off the back of my neck while we were shooting a mini stylized shoot in her studio..and her tiny baby Simon was just behind us bouncing in his seat. :0)


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