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a: in a genuine or honest manner
C: direct and uncomplicated : INNOCENT, SIMPLe

{ hon·​est } Middle English


a:  favored by luck or fortune
B: notably fitting, effective,
or well adapted
C: expressing, reflecting, or suggestive of happiness. a happy ending

{ hap·​py } Middle English, 14 century


"With freedom, flowers, books & the moon,
who could not be perfectly happy?"
Oscar Wilde

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Favorite Book: To Kill A Mockingbird
Favorite Flower: Bleeding Hearts & Peonies
Favorite Travel: Ireland & Hawaii
Favorite Musician: John Prine & Brandi Carlile
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Favorite Movie: National Velvet
Beverage of Choice: No-Jito Mojito 

Nestled in the northern woods of New Hampshire, along with my husband, Nate, we share our happy home with our two boys, Marcus & Hank. We have a flock of silly chickens, a bunch of honey bees, a feisty kitten {Clare} & a rescue Terrier mix {Quincy Francis Einstein} & the sweetest grey Doberman girl, Opal. I am so fortunate that I can help my parents on their farm with horses, cows & pigs a few miles down the road… and that my one & only sister lives around the corner with her family too.

Beyond photography: making maple syrup in our back woods, gluten free baking, riding my Peloton, all things Hunter Jumper, vintage wallpaper, Camelot, tracing my Irish roots, family dinners, reading, skiing with my boys, chasing rainbows and living in the White Mountains...for as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with looking at wedding photos from my grandparents weddings & JFK and Jackie O... 

Owner & Lead Photographer

Meghan McGovern

The Team

photo credit: Molly McCauley


Favorite Book: Harry Potter {book #4}
Favorite Flower: Lady Slippers {found in the woods with Nana}
Favorite Travel: Hawaii & NYC
Favorite Musician: Paul McCartney
Favorite Holiday: Easter
Favorite Movie: Return of the Jedi
Beverage of Choice: Shirley Temple

Henry has been  holding a camera since he was a toddler- he's been a model for his mother for ad campaigns and editorial shoots & is equally comfortable in front of and behind the lens. Since pre-school he has been documenting his life and mailing images to family and friends. A dog lover and natural helper {a true Boy Scout} he started tagging along for engagement sessions - wrangling dogs, holding his mom's gear bag & snapping polaroids for the kind couples....His child's eye approach makes everyone comfortable {especially the groom's that proclaim they hate having their photos done}. His work has been reviewed by John Dolan - who's immediate response was "I think you may have the next Lartigue on your hands."  Click to see Hank's very first wedding as a 3rd shooter - a true work of art in square format on his little Leica. 
Like his mother, Meg, Hank enjoys the "off-season" in winter when he can ski as much as possible at Cannon, build legos, play cribbage & go sledding. 

Budding Photographer & Camera Caddy

photo credit: Meg {aka Mom}
Littleton, New Hampshire

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honest & happy imagery for couples who honor heritage, family & celebration.

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