Meet  high-school sweethearts Marie & Kyle. Who on the phone swore they were uncomfortable in front of the camera & were a bit hesitant…seriously, I don’t know why! These two fit together like salt & pepper. Construction paper & Elmer’s Glue. Christmas Trees & Sparkly Lights… get my drift…and I’m a bit sleep deprived this week….

See what I mean about fitting together? Come on! :0)

While Marie was doing a quick outfit change in the Panera bathroom {because that’s how we roll} – I was chatting with Kyle about her ring {his grandmother’s diamond- so sweet!}…and how they met in high-school…and he admitted that he still had the original note from 9 years ago tucked safely in his wallet….all these years…carrying it around…I popped back in the bathroom & borrowed the ring to grab this sweet shot….the BEST part? When Marie came back and realized what we were up to with her ring, she was surprised- she didn’t know he had that sweet note in his wallet all these years. <3

There was a lot of will-power in getting these shots…the stench was HORRENDOUS! But, well worth it!

I can’t wait to photograph Kyle & Marie’s 10 year anniversary AND wedding day in their hometown next summer! xoxo

  1. Michelle Heath says:

    Beautiful! And what a unique ring!

  2. Abbey says:

    Oh Meg!!! These images are gorgeous!!!!! You totally captured these two in their element!

  3. Marie says:

    Meg – These photos are wonderful!! Thank you so much! I keep trying to pick a favorite and it’s impossible! You take such beautiful pictures. 🙂

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