Emily of E.H. Floral recently joined forces to open our own shared creative studio space- Studio No. 8 at the Tannery Market Place in Littleton, NH.

We’ve been having fun doing lots of shoots and just having a place to meet with clients – or for me, to some times just have a quiet place to do emails instead of my home office :0)  Emily & I both are the moms of 2 boys {are oldest are only a week apart!} & really love to include our kids in our work- which isn’t always easy….so we thought it would be fun to celebrate our boys, easter, spring….and all this happy & yellow with our little inspired shoot & party for them {and my little niece, Thora, joined them too}. Emily led the kids on a craft : potting spring flowers….stay tuned for that post next!

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We kept the menu super simple: ham salad sandwiches + deviled eggs + fresh fruits and vegetables….

Chocolate cake with meringue frosting for dessert!

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Hope your Easter is just as fun and bright as this day was!

Big THANKS to Be Our Guest, Boston for many of the rentals you see here!


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