Emily of E.H. Floral & I decided on a whim to have a fun Easter themed party for our kids at our new shared creative studio….and Emily led the kids on and adorable spring plants potting session….they ALL were so focused on this craft! Emily found sweet aprons and spades for each kid & tied them up with twine….so sweet!

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Emily setting up sweet Simon with his apron….

rodeoandcophoto2014_0964 rodeoandcophoto2014_0966

Parker declared: “I’m a florist’s son, I know what I’m doing!”


Thora getting some advice from the big boys!



Thora’s sweet chubby hands….I just love being an Auntie!


All of them were so focused on the task at hand….I was amazed!

rodeoandcophoto2014_0970 rodeoandcophoto2014_0971   rodeoandcophoto2014_0974

Marcus surprised me and was very intent on be so careful with the roots: Hank clutching his creation…he was so proud!


They were so well behaved while planting their creations…that they just couldn’t all look at my camera and smile at the same time…but I love this anyways!


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