rodeoandcophoto2014_0638Today, he goes off to first grade bright and early in the morning. It doesn’t seem possible, when I can so clearly remembering bringing him home from the hospital, out of our little silver GTI in the downpour….and staring at this little brown eyed boy & wondering how we would possible take care of him. His heart is so kind. His love for his family is amazing. His sentiment to all of his objects {we can’t throw anything away}. His attention to detail with his art and projects. His love of reading. His freckles. Helping me with the bees. Running with Daddy. Helping his Papa on the farm. Always wanting to go to camp. And always, everything with his baby brother by his side. I’m so incredibly proud to call him my first born, my beautiful brown-eyed boy. Thank you Marcus {my Sparky}, for being so perfectly you. Love, Mommy.





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