While doing Molly & Alex’s wedding day portraits, she asked if we could stop by her family’s dairy farm to go in to say hello to her grand-dad & take a few photos with him before the reception {which was just down the road in a beautiful tent next to the cornfields}. He had recently fallen ill, after losing his wife only a few weeks prior….. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I should share these here- my blog is fully of happy moments {one grumpy critic said it was “bubblegum”}….But, I really wanted to share these, because this moment in time- it stopped me. I’m fairly certain I didn’t breath the entire time we were there…I stood in the doorway so as not to intrude & watched as a beautiful memory was made for Molly, her granddad, and her brand new husband, Alex. I was overcome with emotion, remembering my own Deedledee in this way, and felt a sense of regret that when I was 13 I did not possess the pure grace and courage that Molly has now.  It was one of the most humbling experiences to date. And, on a happier note, her granddad perked up when Molly told him she was going outside to have her picture taken with one of the show cows.  Thank you Molly, for allowing me in to your heart to capture this for you. xo

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  1. Kendall Stoy says:

    Came across your blog from Emily Ley’s ‘Simplified Series’. What a touching post! So glad you did share these, what a beautiful moment!

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