I think that I write the same thing for every wedding- how sweet each couple is and how obviously in love they are for each other…..But, THESE two….there just aren’t enough words to describe how these two were just MEANT TO BE. They were so in love and excited to be married that nothing frazzled them….not rain, or dead mice, or any of the other goofy things that happen on a rainy day. Nothing….and on top of that, NEVER have I witnessed two extended families so excited to become one. Sisters. Brothers. Mothers. Fathers….everyone was just so HAPPY to witness these two joyful souls become one.

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Jamie’s sweet friend made her stunning veil…..I’m still swooning. rodeoandcophotography_0979   rodeoandcophotography_0984 rodeoandcophotography_0985 rodeoandcophotography_0986rodeoandcophotography_0983 rodeoandcophotography_0987rodeoandcophotography_0995 rodeoandcophotography_0988


Wedding party of 28 portraits in the rain? These guys made my job so easy and fun. rodeoandcophotography_0989

I just adore how Paul’s mom was as excited as he was to see Jamie come down the aisle…rodeoandcophotography_0996rodeoandcophotography_0998

rodeoandcophotography_0990  rodeoandcophotography_0992 rodeoandcophotography_0993    rodeoandcophotography_0997  rodeoandcophotography_0999 rodeoandcophotography_1000

{And bonus for sweetness: towards the end of the father-daughter dance, Jamie’s dad welcomed Paul to the dance floor & left the newlyweds on the dance floor…..xoxo}

Venue & Caterer: Stratton Mountain Vermont

Florist: Tara Pollio

Makeup: Flawless Cosmetic Design

Hair: Upstyle Beauty

Gown: Pronovias

Shoes: Gucci 

Band: Rami Strosberg

  1. Robin Kramer says:

    Meg…you are a genius! Your quiet control was overwhelming and I never saw you in anyone’s way! just brilliant! Gorgeous and emotional and the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen many!). With love MOB Robin

  2. allison says:

    Meg, I copy everything Robin said, I can’t say it any better than she.
    I am so very grateful to you; our families will be looking at your beautiful pictures forever. MOG allison

  3. tara pollio says:

    Meg I am THRILLED to have finally met you and worked with you! There will be MANY more I hope! I would love to see more photos!

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