This year I’ve been pushing myself as an artist in several ways. The biggest one being I have begun incorporating medium format film into my professional work {and for those of you that follow this blog,  you’ve been in the know!} Many friends and clients {who most always become friends} have been asking me WHY? Why change something that isn’t broken? I even get much good-natured ribbing from my friend Art- who processes all my film at Foto Factory in Littleton. The real reason is that I want to SLOOOOOOOW down. If you know me..I’m a million-bagillion-miles-per-hour-all-the-time. But, when I hold my heavy Contax645 in my hands- it just seems like time stands still for a second or two longer. I take in the entire scene before I click the shutter- and I feel like my digital and film images are stronger because of it. Which, is exactly why I started shooting film again in the first place- to make myself a better photographer.

My dear friend, Sandra, of Studio SMC – invited me to 2nd shoot a lovely wedding with her this summer. It was a rare weekend that I didn’t have a wedding scheduled- and I jumped at the chance. I had never 2nd shot before, but I knew that it would allow me the freedom to push myself creatively & to shoot more film without the pressure of being the primary shooter. It was such a beautiful day, and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was refreshing to just blend behind the scenes and just do my thing! I did take many digital shots for Studio SMC– but I also managed to shoot a couple rolls of Kodak Porta 400. All of these shots were from my Contax.

The bride looking perfect in her Vera Wang dress.

The reception was  held at the beautiful Florence Griswold Musesum in Connecticut…what an adorable place!

A super groovy guest, shooting on her old school polaroid…her images were super rad!

As a nod to the bride’s Texas home – guests were each given little succulent favors.

Dinner was the BIG GREEN TRUCK PIZZA. Whoa. Perfect for a laid back, summer evening wedding!


  1. Sarah says:

    Amazing photos Meg…thanks so much for sharing!!

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