Oh, the sweetness that was everywhere for Julia & Henry……I’m not sure where to start. These two wanted to keep things simple…and it paid off…in every possible way. Honestly, this was one of the most laid back weddings I’ve shot in a while….there was zero stress & the excitement for these two was so obvious by all of us there to witness it…. Henry sent Julia a sweet love note written on the back of their wedding invitation moments before their first look….and the first look…We drove up the road a bit to capture the stunning view of those Vermont green mountains….I’ll just let the pictures tell the rest of the story {but in case you had any doubt, the FOOD at The Round Barn AND the staff are EXCEPTIONAL….so much that when my silly sandal decided to break moments before the ceremony, the kick-butt staff had a perfect pair of j. crew flats in my size, that matched my dress waiting for me at the end of the ceremony. boom.}

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Venue: The Inn at Round Barn Farm

Video: 822 Weddings

Flowers: Blomma Flicka

Julia’s Gown: Anne Barge

Girls Dresses & Julia’s veil: J. Crew

Henry’s snazzy suit: custom made

Cake: Sweet Simone’s

Band: The High Rollers



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