Both Ariana & Trevor’s families put a  LOT of work into cleaning up the historic Ivie Church in Bethlehem, New Hampshire. The church had been closed for years- and was dusty, grimy, etc…there were even spare tires in there! A true labor of love- the church was given new light and love for Trevor & Ariana’s romantic candle-light ceremony. I am slightly obsessed with this church, and if I had won the powerball last week- this would have been my first purchase {after a trip to Hawaii}- I would just love to convert this into Rodeo & Co. headquarters! The glass- tiffany’s….the story behind the Ivie Church is bittersweet and can be found here.

I love taking ring shots for my couples- and I love it even more when there is something unique and sentimental to incorporate into the shot….Ariana’s ring- on a note written on the back of a Burger King bag- for their first date. Priceless.

Venue: The Maplewood Country Club, Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Florist: Antique Rose, Woodsville, New Hampshire

Caterer: Bailiwicks Fine Dining, Littleton, New Hampshire

Shoes: Kate Spade

  1. ariana says:

    Love it Meg! You are so talented and I love our photos so so so so so much! Thank you for everything!!

  2. Jackie says:

    Meg… these are absolutely stunning. Brought tears to my eyes, not only because I know & love these two lovebirds, but also because you did an amazing job bringing their love to life — brilliant, as always.

  3. Spring says:

    LOVE!!!!!!! I’d totally buy that church if I won the powerball too- SO PRETTY!!!! and if you do buy it you’ll have a very frequent visitor 😉

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