If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for all things vintage, records and top-notch handmade goods…. TOURIST season is in full swing here in the White Mountains- and if you happen to be here I’m telling you that a stop at Lonesome Woods in Bethlehem, NH will NOT disappoint.    Owner Nick is one of the nicest guys- and grew up here- after living in L.A. he & his wife came back home and settled in…. The soy candles they make are my absolute favorite {in fact, “Indian summer” is burning right now on my desk}.

For the LONGEST time {years, folks!} I’ve been wanting to create a little blog series that highlights all the amazing movers and shakers here in our little community of the White Mountains of New Hampshire… and I just DRAG MY FEET. I don’t know why BLOGGING is so hard for me {um, I started off my erratic college life as a Creative Writing Major at UNH… then to English/Teaching…then Criminal Justice & finishing up with a Fire Science degree…Because, well, that’s just ME.}


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