How lucky am I that I got to travel to Nashville with two of my nearest & dearest to be inspired as artists, entrepreneurs and creative women? Seriously. Kristin and Chelsey {By Emily B.} and I had 4 full days of Nashville attending The School of Styling….but we also had ample time to roam the streets and explore on our own.  We lucked out with the funniest uber driver, who, after we dropped our bags at our sweet airbnb {a little garage turned cottage straight out of hgtv} she suggested we’d like the 12 south district….and boy, was she so right!

{note: these images are a combo of iPhone & Canon Mark III}


We ended up staying at BarTaco for what seemed like hours….seriously the BEST food {um, pork belly tacos are my weakness} & drinks…the bartender was hilarious…and we struck up a conversation with a photographer & his wife and then with author Jerry Minshall…and for the first time in my life, I asked if I could grab his portrait….so glad I did! His glasses just intrigued me & we all chatted politics.



author Jerry Minshall


dog on the left, Chester {our Airbnb pal} and two more cuties from 12 southrodeoandcophoto_Nasvhille_HUSK

Dinner our first night was at HUSK. It blew our minds….ALL farm to table and so delicious…even though we were super tired {we ate around 9:30 pm…and our day had started at 2:45 am}  the shrimp & grits…and the beet salad with the creamiest goat cheese of my life….so worth the wait!


{one of my few favorite shows is A Chef’s Life on PBS- so I now have this appreciation for watching a skilled kitchen staff in their zone….these guys were gracious and didn’t mind me lurking around!}


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