Last week, went I checked on bee’s, I discovered they had built up a little too much honeycomb to the mason jar feeds that we had placed inside the hive…so I had to remove a little bit of the ¬†honey comb for them…..And we all got to taste our first little bit of our own honey! Let me tell you straight up: there is nothing sweeter or more rewarding than this! I was amazed at how clean and pure the bee’s wax was too….I’m loving this adventure more that I ever thought possible….and find it so relaxing to don my bee-suit, and spend time in the woods with my hive.

first tiny honey samplingrodeoandcophoto2014_0474 rodeoandcophoto2014_0473{Hank LOVED the honey…he actually gobbled up a little piece of beeswax AND honey….

and then proclaimed, “yummy in my tummy!”}

  1. Nancy Lusby says:

    Hi Meg
    I’ve been looking into beekeeping with the hope of starting it next year, and I stumbled on this old blog of yours. Are you still beekeeping? I’d love to hear how it’s going for you.

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