I’m almost embarrassed to admit this – but I went over a quarter of a century without grasping the true beauty of an avocado. And today- if stuck on an island it would be the ONE food I would want.  Avocado on toast is so depressingly simple- yet, for weeks on end it has been my favorite lunch go-to. I’m almost alway in the MIDDLE of getting something done when lunch time rolls around- and I hate to stop to make something….avocado toast {on some gluten free toast with irish butter…and lots of salt}- I can whip that up AND not be be hungry a few hours later.


BUBBLE TEA: it’s another one of those things that I never appreciated ’til later in life…and OMG I craved it so much when I was pregnant with Marcus…. Thai Iced Tea Bubble Tea! {this came to a screeching halt with gestational diabetes- but my sister brought me one to the hospital to enjoy when he was a newborn} …..and now M-Zo Tea & Co. has rolled out some new summertime bubble teas- green matcha…YUM.


RodeoCoPhoto_EmshikaJune2016_-51RodeoCoPhoto_EmshikaJune2016_-59Grabbing these shots at M-Zo Tea & Co. the other morning was so much fun- if you visit Northern New Hampshire {and you totally should!} it’s right on Main Street in Littleton- and one of my most favorite places to be   {and eat and drink and socialize}.


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