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My all-time favorite adult beverage is a super-fresh mojito….ahhh…the mint, the little bit of sweet sugar & lime….and the yummy rum….{especially the rum we picked up when I shot Rachel & Djavad’s wedding in St. Croix!} But, alas, after I had my little Hank- some crazy stuff happened…and I can’t drink any alcohol. A sip of champagne occasionally, but other than that, no booze. Which at first, really made me kind of angry…I was never a big drinker…but to not be able to indulge every now and then? Rubbish. But it’s been a few years, and I’ve accepted that there are FAR, far, far worse things in this life than not having any stupid alcohol. And so, the Nojito Mojito was born….basically…I enjoy all the fresh & sweet yumminess of the mojito…and can have as many as I’d like, whenever I’d like and no one is the wiser :0)



crushed ice
handful of fresh mint leaves
juice of 1 lime
2  t.  raw sugar
club soda
slices of 1/2 lime

place ice in beverage shaker then add in mint sprigs, lime juice and sugar. shake like mad. pour in club soda. find a pretty straw. enjoy.


{Taken for Simon Pearce at the Mill in Quechee, Vermont}


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