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Let me be honest, I used to be a really boring, conservative eater. Like mashed potatoes, hamburgers & buttered noodles. I directly blame my mother, who to this day has never used a fresh herb….One of the best things about my husband is that he pushes me to try new things- food especially….and I’ve never looked back.  One of my most sacred parts of the day comes at 5:00- when I can prepare our family a fresh, flavorful, homemade meal while listening to NPR.  But, some nights I want to go out and one of our most favorite places to eat as a couple, or as a family, is Chang Thai Cafe on Main Street in Littleton, NH.  The first time there, I had NO clue what to eat…but, that was years ago, and the head Chef & Owner, Emshika, is now one of my friends. Pad Thai, OMG Roll, Rock & Roll Sushi, Miso Soup, dumplings….the list is endless…..And whenever I’m not feeling well, all I ever want is hot tea & some lemongrass shrimp soup!


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  1. Chang Thai is the best! Amazing food and wonderful people! Such a great post Meg Hamilton! Now I am hungry!

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