rodeoandcophoto2014_0241This summer I was able to connect with Joe Cushing, the man who helped design Bretton Woods Ski Area, among hundreds of other ski areas. Mr. Cushing lives close by, but I had never met him until one warm summer morning while on assignment for Bretton Woods Magazine- they featured Joe to celebrate their 40th year. Although, I was only there for about an hour- I was able to hear a lifetime of stories & get advice on sheep and growing asparagus too!

bretton woods magazine indexbretton woods magazine joe cushingbretton woods magazine joe cushingbretton woods magazinerodeoandcophoto_portraits

rodeoandcophoto2014_0245 rodeoandcophoto2014_0242rodeoandcophoto2014_0244 rodeoandcophoto2014_0243


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