We’ve been prepping & studying & waiting for months… {Well, actually years} to finally start our adventures in bee keeping. Last night I picked them up, strapped them in a car seat, and they spent the night inside. I am amazed at how excited and interested Marcus is in the bees….a few short years ago he hated being out doors, getting dirty, and especially bugs…we’ve come a long way! He’s actually asking for a bee keepers suit for his 6th birthday next month! {Disclaimer: not a single bee escaped their carrying crate…so I did not have any qualms about the boys being by the crate…when it came time to actually transfer them to the hive they were safely several yards back with Nate}.


{Thanks to Nate for grabbing a quick photo of me!}


The boys spraying the bees down with sugar water to calm them before I opened the box. The could hear them buzzing louder and were so intrigued….and I had my full bee suit on at the time…so getting images was a bit tricky with that net over my face!

rodeoandcophoto2014_0446 rodeoandcophoto2014_0447


Aren’t they beautiful? Obviously, every first time bee-keeper breaks out a camera with a hundred bees zooming around my head! {Nate recorded the entire event on his iPhone….I think he is still shocked that I never got stung, swore, or panicked}.rodeoandcophoto2014_0448rodeoandcophoto2014_0449rodeoandcophoto2014_0450

Horray! I’ll be checking them in 3 days to make sure my Queen…we named her Queen Esmeralda is safely out of her cage & check their sugar water. Here’s to harvesting some honey in the Fall!


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