My mom’s latest work-in-progress is on my my favorite images I took last Fall of the boys down at camp……


She carefully explained to our budding artist, Marcus, why she chose to eliminate the adorable robot from his sweater in the painting….stating that it was a little distracting and makes the piece less timeless. He, of course, completely understood {really.}rodeoandcophoto2014_0468rodeoandcophoto2014_0471

Besides being my #1 2nd shooter & photo assistant…my mom is one of those annoying artsy-fartsy people that can easily master any medium….Including, but not limited to: hairdressing, doll making, sewing {including bridal gowns, crocheting, painting, basket weaving….I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Oh, and she can train horses too.

Check out her brand spanking new FB page {please, seriously, she gets really excited for new fans} for her original designs and doll patterns: Rebecca & Co. 


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