I haven’t participated in the NH Blog circle- but am happy to be back at it again this month. We were encouraged to document our favorite local haunt: a pup, a cafe, trail, etc….one of my favorite places is my great-grandmother’s house….

As many of you know- my Gram {93 years young} tripped a fell almost 2 months ago- it’s been a long recovery for her – she spends some time at my parents, then had a wheelchair, a walker…but this morning, when I picked her up for her physical therapy appointment, she walked to my car- minus the walker! Hooray!  I’ve been able to help out with her many mornings while Marcus is at school- but it has been difficult too- there are morning when I can’t help but think of the editing, emails, and my own laundry that needs to be done…but I remind myself that I am lucky that I am able to spend quality time helping someone that I love- even it it means {even} later nights for me at home.

Spending quiet mornings with my Gram & baby Henry has been humbling and peaceful. It’s rewarding to be able to help out the woman who has so greatly influenced me in so many ways.

Henry has made “Great Gramma Brown-Brown’s” like his second home- he knows exactly where all his little toys are & quickly scatters them about when we get there in the morning after dropping his big brother off at pre-school.

My grandfather’s brown chair {he passed away when I was in the first grade}. They travelled the world together. Knitting projects for the Church Christmas Bazaar. Library books. Current Events. All resting on the cobbler’s bench my grandfather built years ago. This image sums up my Grandmother on so many levels….

Hank content playing with the farm in the kitchen- while I made homemade grape-juice with directions being given from the couch…..”Let them simmer and not over boil!” xx

Please hop on over to Julia Russell’s blog to see what her favorite haunt is  http://www.juliarussell.com/blog/ & keep the blog circle rolling! :0)

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  2. ariana says:

    Meg, this is one of my favorite blog posts that you’ve done. I love the photo of the sitting area with the brown leather chair and that beautiful world map hanging on the wall. Thank you for sharing these! Funny seeing you today!

  3. Lorie-Ann says:

    Meg, I just love this post. I enjoy the part of Henry knowing where his toys are kept at Great Gramma’s. I used to do the samething at my grandmothers. I love the color & details of the pictures. Laundry, editing photos & etc. will be there another day. Spending time with those we love is something we can’t take for granite.

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