This season I got a jump start on doing our holiday card photos- I had to take advantage of my dad’s newly restored 1940 Ford Pickup being out in the yard all shiny and new….and the boy’s annual Garnet Hill pi’s arrived yesterday….so I used the last 15 minutes of light today to grab these shots. <3

My dad bought this truck when I was a baby…so it’s so cool that my babies can now enjoy it!

I’m not usually a fan of matchy-matchy outfits, and normally tell clients not to do it….but I couldn’t resist these stripes this year. It’s a family joke about me & red & white stripes…I wore the same striped sweater for school photos two years in the running..and would have worn it in 5th grade, but it just didn’t fit anymore!

It’s not too late to book your family holiday session- drop me a line or call the office at 802.222.7165. Happy Holidays!

{p.s. thank you DAD!}

  1. spring says:

    LOVE!!!! Those PJ’s look so cozy!!!

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