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Last Memorial Day weekend {I know, I know…soooo late to blog…but better late than never} we totally surprised the boys with a family trip to Disney World during one of their awesome Star Wars Weekends….we figured it would be the perfect way to capitalize on Hank’s love for Mickey Mouse {who he calls Bo-Bo for unknown reasons} and ALL my boys obsession with Star Wars….. They were SHOCKED to go & so excited to go up in a plane…but now, they ask us constantly when we will return! Ha.

untitled-15-2 copy

Chewbacca…This guys had a line a mile long to meet….but I ran into him a back alley and he posed for me & then gave me a squeeze… A highlight for me, since I’m not a huge StarWars fan, but I do love me my Chewy {and update, now I can officially proclaim Rey as my new #1}.

untitled-27 copy jedi academy disney

We were lucky enough to secure spots for the boys to get into the Jedi Academy….which is something I think as parent’s we will never forget…Watching your boys fight Darth Vader & kick his butt? My boys have NO FEAR….specially my Hank. Geez.

untitled-46 copy behind the seeds epcot

behind the seeds epcot tomato

A highlight of the trip for me was getting the Behind the Seeds tour at Epcot- where we got to see the hydroponic growing methods they use…..I found this fascinating & then got to enjoy some of the produce when Nate and I dined for his fancy birthday dinner at Victoria & Alberts {which was, by the way, the most amazing meal….}thunder mountain disney world piglet

This little snap of the boys and Piglet is framed in my kitchen…..if only they could stay this age forever!


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