No. I actually have degrees in English, Criminal Justice & Fire Science. I was actually working as police officer with dreams of being an arson investigator when I shot my first wedding. I took some photography classes in college, but I never realized what an impact they would have on my life. I have taken several classes and workshops to sharpen my skills & believe in constantly learning and evolving as an artist. I believe my time as an arson investigator & police officer helps me execute beautiful detail shots, makes me speak up and address a crowd {hello, large groups for family portraits!} and really nothing truly stresses me out on a wedding day {after all, I’ve been in high speed chases & investigated CSI worthy crime scenes!}

did you go to school for photography?


We will happily travel anywhere for weddings. While the bulk of our weddings are based in New England, we are happy to fly! {We've been to D.C., Ireland, Florida, Wisconsin, Tahoe, San Francisco, Austria, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Vail, Texas and more....we love adventuring!}

how far will you travel for weddings + events?



All of the images are edited by Meg. While we have worked with editors in the past, we quickly learned that what works best for us is to edit them ourselves to best tell the story of the day.  The day after your wedding Meg will deliver a handful of key images to share with family and friends. All weddings are completely, carefully edited within 3 months of the wedding day and can be easily viewed and shared on an online gallery. 

who edits your images? and how long does it take to see our photos?


I typically average around 100 final images per hour of shooting: it just magically happens that way.... a typical wedding day is about 800-1,000 images. 

how many images will be delivered?